Do Any Lives Matter? The Only Logical Reaction To Ferguson And The Growing Police State

Yet another new racial divide is being projected onto the masses with the controversial
social justice hashtag #blacklivesmatter

One has to wonder if anyone has ever read the “Art of War” as the lesson on Divide and Conquer
is what is being used against the people who are tired of the police militarization and abuse of powers
in this county.

#NAME Do Any Lives Matter?  The Only Logical Reaction To Ferguson And The Growing Police State

Logic and reason will indicate that using oppression Olympics is only another cause for people to not unite.

It causes discourse and stifles unity. This is the goal of these types of movements. When the people are fighting amongst themselves, logically their energy is divided and less powerful in response toward the true aggressors and it leads not to addressing the real issue but creating a new sub issue of debate.

Yes, black lives do matter but the counter side when expressing that sentiment as seen by many is that other racial backgrounds do not.

There is nobody out here saying that the police have gone way out of control. But are they the central problem for the black community?

Wait…are we still allowed to say black? I cannot keep up with the political correct terms for every minority group any more. Clearly, someone is going to be offended when anyone has ANY opinion on any side of any issue. Yet another weapon of division being used against the masses. Any person who has a sense of logic and reason can see this clearly.

When we say Black Lives Matter are we saying that these other people do not?

Are we ignoring some fundamental facts like the FACT that of those killed by police, 32 percent are black and 64 percent are white?

Yes, more WHITE people were killed by police last year than black people.

Don’t their lives also matter? Should we adjust the facts to make it seem like black people are more likely to be killed by cops than white people?

The truth is that the number 1 cause of death of young black men 15 to 34 is in fact murder. Are we ignoring that the number one cause of these murders (believe it or not) is OTHER black men, not police?

Are we saying that over the span of the last decade, the 2,151 whites who died by being shot by police (compared to 1,130 blacks) lives DON’T MATTER?

Would you like to let those parents of those victims know that only the black lives matter?

#NAME Do Any Lives Matter?  The Only Logical Reaction To Ferguson And The Growing Police State

One day people will begin to use their heads for more than a third point of contact and come to the obvious and logical conclusion that race really is not the issue.
Race is being used to sidetrack the real issue and that issue is POVERTY. Poverty knows no race. What we are in the middle of is an outright battle between those who have and those who do not. Race is simply one of the divisions being used against use to prevent us from focusing and addressing this truth.

Yes, black lives matter…all lives matter.

The Logic Goat