How do teeth whiteners work?

Teeth whiteners provide for an entire $11 billion industry in the US. Studies show that more than 12 percent of American households use teeth whiteners. People are definitely crazy about whiter teeth ever since those TV ads of families with perfectly-white teeth and now all these Instagram influencers and TV starts whose teeth are flawless and, above all, extremely white is making us go for teeth whiteners. Still, do teeth whiteners really make your teeth whiter?

#NAME How do teeth whiteners work?

How do teeth whiteners work?

Dentist say that the teeth whiteners work in different ways, but almost all of them contain hydrogen peroxide which is broken down in the process and the oxygen gets into the enamel on your teeth and so the tooth colour is made lighter. The efficacy of the product depends on three things: how long you keep them on your teeth, how concentrated they are and the source of blotching on your teeth. Usually, the best products are the concentrated ones, containing the exact quantity of hydrogen peroxide needed and they will likely help you get the brightening effect you desire. Make sure that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the products, you could look here before you use any teeth whitening products. You may also visit sites like to learn more about cosmetic dentistry procedures. Before beginning the process, you need to apply a protective gel on your gums since they are quite sensitive to this chemical product. But can you do this over and over again? Let’s see!

The teeth whitening effect is temporary

Unfortunately for those of you who are thinking about teeth whiteners, this effect is temporary. Once you stop with the bleaching process, the effect starts regressing and your teeth will eventually turn to their original colour. The thing is you’ll get used to your bright white teeth that it will become an addiction and you won’t like your teeth colour once the whitening effect is gone, so you’ll keep whitening your teeth again and again. As many specialists warn, these teeth whiteners are not intended for long-term use. The reason is simple: they’re not safe in large doses. Furthermore, using that bleaching agent over and over again will hurt your gums and teeth. (Source:

Do “natural” teeth whiteners really exist?

As you’ve probably seen online, there are some whitening “remedies” that you could use over and over again without any danger, but is it so? Well, dentists agree that baking soda is a safe product as long as you also brush your teeth with toothpaste. Still, baking soda won’t act as the hydrogen of peroxide, but it would rather just scrub your teeth, not brighten them the way you’d expect. You must visit a dental office to get professional help with teeth whitening.

Furthermore, there are some voices that speak about a special mixture of strawberries and baking soda which can whiten your teeth. Specialists warn against this compound. It’s not dangerous on your teeth, it’s rather a loss of time since it will not brighten your teeth but only heart them, as strawberries contain malic acid which can eat away at your teeth’s enamel.

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How about “power whitening”?

Apart from the classical way of whitening, there is also a laser-based process. According to this family dentist in Utah during this procedure, a rubber dam is applied to your gums to protect them. After this, a bleaching product is painted on your teeth. Then comes the laser which is shone on your teeth to activate the chemical. This makes for the whole procedure to take less time and also the color change is more visible. They say laser whitening makes teeth up to five or six shades lighter than normal whitening.

Nevertheless, you should ask your dentist edmonton south first, if you’re thinking of whitening your teeth. You should always bear in mind that the process is not permanent and that if you do it once, you might be prone to do it again and again. We’d say you’d better start by loving your teeth and your image in the mirror. What do you say about that?

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