#NAME IF THIS DOESN’T GET YOU LAID. NOTHING WILL.There was a medical study last year that said being lonely is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

It was a shock to me that my inability to attract women was damaging not just my happiness, but my health.

But just like you can choose to stop smoking you can choose to be better with women. And I was ready to give up being crap with the ladies.

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things the average person ever attempts, first time failure rates are over 83%. But those that do it with the guidance and support of others, have a 312% higher chance of success. Frunk vapes worked for me.

This made me realize; I needed help attracting women, I was willing to obtain knowledge and put it in to action and I was going to become the successful man I wanted to become with the help of someone already attracting the type of women I wanted (read: intelligent and hot).

You see, I used to be pretty lame (ok, very lame) when it came to meeting and chatting with women.

I was fine around women I wasn’t attracted to, but put me in front of a woman I actually LIKED… and my confidence level dropped to that of a frightened mouse.

One female friend gave me the advice, “Just be yourself”. But that didn’t help. In fact, that was precisely the problem! I WAS being myself around these women… a frightened little mouse, with no confidence at all.


“Well then, just be confident!” she would tell me. I began to suspect she hadn’t approached and chatted up all that many women : )

How was I supposed to BE confident, when I wasn’t? It’s not like I had a “Confidence” switch on my body that I could just turn on and off whenever I wanted.

My real breakthrough came when I stumbled across a story about a fish told by a man called Joshua Pellicer and I applied the first 3 things I learned from that story.

Josh has helped thousands of men go from loveless to master of attraction. After being featured on NBC’s “The Today Show” his system sold hundreds of thousands of copies and enabled him to make a community of men from nearly every country in the world with one aim; help single men become successful with women.

My journey to finding Joshua and his teachings took nearly 6 months, and during that time I tried and tested many methods like:

1. Online Dating

My logic was simple. I can’t talk to women, but I can type like a boss. With online dating I could create a profile and persona that would highlight my good qualities and have women messaging me. Little did I realize just how foolish this was; my writing contained all the mistakes that my real life personality had. Without learning some fundamental rules first, I wasn’t going to get anywhere.

2. Hypnosis/NLP Course

I was convinced that my lack of confidence was the root of my lack of success. If I could just be more confident I would pull in the pretty ladies. I dropped $150 on a hypnosis course that required me to listen for 1 hour every day for 28 days. The “subliminal” messages and “unconscious” suggestions were to take me from shy to stud. But my behavior didn’t change, I was still nervous around women and after 33 days I labelled this method an expensive failure.

3. Tao Of Badass System

At first I was reluctant to even try this. I claimed that I didn’t want to use psychological “tricks” to influence a woman. Really, I was scared of the hard work. At over eighty pages plus many hours of video content, a members forum with thousands of Q&A and not to mention the 12 additional “bonus reports” I was just overwhelmed at how much there was to learn.


But I soon stumbled on to something; have you ever heard of the Pareto principle? It states that 20% of your effort creates 80% of your results. Once I committed myself to learning and TAKING ACTION on just 20% of what was on offer in the Tao Of Badass System I was generating 80% of the results of someone who had truly mastered the system.

From day one I learned little things like:

  • How to stop locking yourself in the friend zone by doing just one thing.
  • 10 Undeniable ways you can be guaranteed a woman is into you, no matter what she says.
  • How the way you’re sitting is INSTANTLY turning women off.
  • How to tweak your walk one way that will have women turning their heads to look at you.
  • 5 Mind Hacks that will have women wanting you…uncontrollably.
  • How to quickly start interesting conversation with any woman.

But these things, these things are just the cherries on top of the cake. Because most importantly I now had a structure to follow. A way to take myself from where I was, to where I wanted to be. A tried and tested formula that relied on scientific principles and not cheesy “self-help” motivational ideas.

I became confident with women because I was no longer playing the game without knowing the rules. I was no longer trying to fix a problem without the right tools.

And it all started with a story about a fish.

How To Become A Badass With Women

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