Top 20 Amazing Animal Migration Photos



Seeing an animal roaming in the wild can be fun, but seeing hundreds or thousands of them traveling in huge groups is certainly overwhelming and fascinating. These photos are stunning proofs of nature’s beauty in the form of migration!

Once a year, certain species of mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles, and other animals throughout the world migrate because of a variety of reasons. Although some reasons are to be placed upon temperature and seasons changes, the whole migration phenomenon has still left some experts questioning. Migration is rarely seen; you can’t always witness a tree branch bending because of the weight of the butterflies! You can’t always watch birds flying from one place to another in long distances without stopping! Migration does not only involve sky and land travels, it can happen beneath the deep oceans as well. That is why it becomes imperative to capture these rare sights with a high resolution camera, with all the sunrise photography settings and other nuances.


1. Sting Rays from Baja, Mexico

#NAME Top 20 Amazing Animal Migration Photos