Can cockroaches kill you?

Many people are afraid of cockroaches. They’re repulsive, it’s true, but what can they actually do to you? They’re so little and you are this giant creature always interfering with their “personal space” and they can’t really defeat you. Still, you’re scared of cockroaches because they mostly disgust you, cause you a strong repugnance and would rather run away, then get your hands dirty and kill them, right? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Still, is a cockroach’s bite lethal?

#NAME Can cockroaches kill you?

Can a cockroach kill you in some way?

This might be one of your worst nightmares and it’s time to get things straight right away. No, Cockroaches cannot kill you! But, their bite is not without harm.

The cockroaches can carry various types of bacteria which can get you very sick if left unattended. You see, cockroaches really love bacteria. They do not possess any kind of poison or venom, but they usually feed on bacteria and carry it with them, on their bodies, their mouths and mostly everywhere.

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Relax! A cockroach cannot really get through your thick skin (for them, you have a very thick skin). So, if you don’t have any open wound they can bite on, they’re quite harmless and you’re safe. You’re the giant here!

Why do cockroaches bite?

Cockroaches usually bite because they are scared. For example, somehow, they landed on your neck and you’re instantly disgusted and attempt to hit them with the palm of your hand. They might get scared and bite you. This does not mean you’ll be eaten alive by cockroaches.