How do I get my dog to stop licking me?

If your dog just keeps licking you to the point where it becomes a compulsive behaviour, you’re probably wondering if there is something wrong with him. There is no real answer to this question, but rather a series of tests you’ve got to make. Dogs like to lick us for various reasons and a compulsive licking behaviour might even hide some serious problems. You first need to take him to the vet and do a little checkup to rule out some possible factors. Once medical problems are out of the question, you’ve got to understand your dog’s behaviour and the hidden messages behind it.

#NAME How do I get my dog to stop licking me?

Reasons your dog keeps licking you

You might taste too good for him to resist. He might just want to say “hello!” for a longer period of time than we humans do. He’s being affectionate towards you because you’re his favourite human. He’s trying to get you to play with him. He just wants your attention so much! He wants to let you know you are part of the pack and should join him in the licking ritual. (That was gross, yeah!) .Don’t despair! You can determine the real reason by taking a step back and thinking what you were doing before your dog started to lick you.

Start telling him it is annoying

Ok, so, once you think you’ve got the reason why your dog’s licking you, you’ve got to start the training. Puppies can be harder to train by yourself, so consider getting top Puppy Training from Ridgeside K9 Ohio.

  1. Ignore him a little. To many dog owners this might be hard because he’s cute, he’s fluffly, he makes those puppy eyes and you just can’t ignore him. But to avoid further annoying licking sessions, you’ve got to do that. He’s usually licking you because you will bend down and pet him, give him a treat even. So he thinks you enjoy it and that’s why you reward him. If you don’t make any gesture, he might give up
  2. Just walk away! If he doesn’t get the “ignore” message, then you’ve got to apply a little harsh medicine. Say “No!” And walk away.
  3. Make sure he has something in his mouth! Sometimes, dogs lick only because they’re bored and they have nothing to spend their time with. You need to buy them some toys, maybe a KONG, a bone to chew on, or treats that can help calm them down like cbd oil for dogs. This is also a good tactic to keep him from licking your guests coming over. They might not appreciate your dog as much as you do so give your furry friend chewable treats like this antler for dogs before you have guests over at your house.
  4. Give him some exercise! You can redirect his extensive energy to something as plentiful as taking him to a dog park where he can run as much as he wants and thus consume his energy, you can also distract them by playing with their toys, get toys for poodles or breed that you have.
  5. Bitters to the rescue! If none of the above worked, then it might be time to put some yucky spray into action. Bitters are a kind of sprays that taste and smell really bad for dogs. Just spray a little of that on your skin and your dog will think you’ve turned disgusting over night.