What is candle heater and how to make it?

The candle heater or Kandle Heeter, is a heating device invented by a guy from Nothern California, named Doyle Doss. It is a pretty simple invention that could provide you with green energy and heat for a longer time, using only a candle. No more chilly winter nights with the heat on at maximum and still freezing! You’ve got a solution that could save you some money, at the expense of some CO2 output and a few materials that you probably have around the house or could procure very easily. The concept is quite clear: you suspend a home-made radiator above a candle. The radiator has to be made of ceramic and have multiple layers to better absorb the candle heat and concentrate it only on one point where it converts into radiant space heat. So, if you are that type of person who also likes to light up a candle in their room, why not install this device and transform the candle into a pretty effective heat generator.

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#NAME What is candle heater and how to make it?

How to make a candle heater?

We’ll take you through a step-by-step guide on how to build your own candle heater. Are you ready?

1. Drill the hole in the flower pot. Make sure it matches the size of the bolt and also, make sure you don’t apply too much pressure. Otherwise, it could break the entire pot

2. Use a knife to make the pot hole bigger

3. Take your bolt and insert a nut with a washer. Twist it so that it makes a little space, more like 1.5 inch

4. Insert the larger flower pot on the nut and washer. Make sure you insert it upside down!

5. Then apply another nut and washer to tighten the pot in place

6. Turn the whole installation upside down now

7. Now insert another nut and washer to the other side of the bolt

8. Fix the smaller pot on them and secure it with another washer

9. Make sure everything stays into place. If it does, it’s time to insert the base of the installations where the candles will stay

10. Put a washer underneath the base to make sure it stays fixed. You could also put a nut there to make sure you can always adjust the base

11. Put a chain on the top of the rod and tighten it up with another nut

12. Now you can place the candles on the base of the pot

13. The final part: light up the candles and enjoy the warmth!

The most important thing about this type of candle heater is that it doesn’t produce any toxic kind of fume, pro interior design services usually uses it to give your room a more cozy feeling. It is also a nice and cheap way to produce some heat.

How does a candle heater work?

The process is quite simple once it is broken down in parts. The heat that comes from the burning candle or candles is transferred to the steel rod and then is defused to the ceramic rooms; those layers we were telling you about. This clay pots have a very good thermal quality: they can get very hot and stay that way for many hours. Moreover, they radiate the heat. The super hot air gets from the smaller layer to the medium one, to the bigger one and then is dispersed into the room. Basically the heat from a single candle is so much focused in this clay pots that when it is dissipated around, it really makes a difference. And how much it costs? Well, a few bucks for the materials and the fuel is quite cheap: candles, just candles!