What kind of fish is Nemo in Finding Nemo?

Finding Nemo has caused a major hype after its release and it drastically increased the sales of the fish species featured in it. It has been and always will be a perfect family movie to watch with your kids and there’s no denying that. If you’ve always been a fan of this movie, then you probably want to know what type of fish is Nemo in “real life” because yes, he’s a real fish species and a very cute one. So are his father and Dory and all the other fish characters in the movie. After the release of the movie, people rushed to the pet shops and asked to buy this specific fish species. It was quite a madness!

#NAME What kind of fish is Nemo in Finding Nemo?

What kind of fish is Nemo in Finding Nemo?

Nemo is a clownfish. So is his father, Marlin and his mother, Coral. Clownfish are also known as anemonefish and there are actually around 30 subspecies of this kind of fish. The most recognizable characteristics of a clownfish are the white stripes that run across its body.

So, let’s get back to their other name: anemonefish. The anemones are small creatures that live on the coral reefs and produce a bunch of toxins which could prove harmful to a lot of fish, except the clownfish. “Nemo” is immune to these toxins and that’s why he lives amongst them. This immunity is built in time, with the fish rubbing itself against the anemones until a layer of mucus is built on its skin and this layer will protect him from the anemones toxins. The two have a strange, symbiotic relationship, with the clownfish cleaning the anemone and feeding them, while the anemones offer a safe haven for the clownfish against dangerous predators. This is why this fish is also called “the anemonefish”.

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What does a clownfish do?

Well, first of all, there are about 30 clownfish subspecies out there, so there are also orange, white, black, etc. clownfish. They grow to be about 3-4 inches in length and they like to communicate with each other through some very cute popping and clicking noises. Their diet is mostly composed of algae, worms or small crustaceans. Most of their time they spend it in the anemones, but I guess they also like to swim around and even get lost at times in the big, wild ocean. Much like Nemo! There is also the world record brook trout that you must have a look at and know how you can catch these beautiful creatures.

How was Nemo born as a clownfish?

Now, let us tell you a secret that the movie Finding Nemo didn’t tell you. We’ve read a little about the clownfish mating rituals and we think we know how Nemo came to be in our oceans and our hearts.

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It was a nice Sunday morning in the big ocean. Marlin went out to prepare the nest. He has then seen Coral swimming around and for three days and three nights he followed her around and convinced her to follow him to the nest. Finally, she agreed to come with him to the nest and then laid about 100 eggs. Then Marlin passed over the eggs and fertilized them. After 6-8 days of fertilization, our cute Nemo was born.

What kinds of fishes are in Finding Nemo?

Well, the second most famous fish in Finding Nemo is Dory. She got her own movie in the second installment of the Nemo films. Dory is a yellow and tailed blue tang fish. Also, Bubbles is a tang fish and Gurgle is a Royal Gramma. Gill is a Moorish Idol, while Bloat is no other but the Porcupine Puffer Fish.
So, what’s your favorite fish from Finding Nemo?

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