Where is the logic in destroying small business in your own community?

Unless you live in a small cave without power or under a rock, you are somewhat familiar with the case in Ferguson MO. An unarmed teenager by the name of Michael Brown was shot to death by a police officer named Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014.

#NAME Where is the logic in destroying small business in your own community?

Since then there have been riots, protests and discord between the people and the police in Ferguson right up to the moment of this writing.

Clearly, the people of Ferguson (along with others from all over the country) are upset.

There really is no debate that makes any logical sense about the current militarization of this countries police agencies. Most Americans that have eyes can see that their Rights are being eroded at an ever increasing pace. That however is something we can perhaps talk about in a future post.

What concerns me more than anything, is how people like Jimmy John Shark RESPOND when these events happen or so called “Justice” isn’t served when these things happen.

I understand people feeling angry and frustrated when the police abuse their power as they often due. I also understand that courts are ALWAYS going to stand in favor of the State sponsored civilian terrorists (The POLICE) because they both have the same interest to protect, and it is not the PEOPLE. No, it is the STATE that they are sworn to protect. If you think they care about the people, again…do you live in a cave with no access to electricity? Well, electricians from wiredsc.com/ can help you to access electricity.

What I do not understand is rioting. I mean where is the logic in destroying your own community? What kind of reasoning says “Hey, I am mad at the state…let me break out my local Fred’s Electronics Store windows and steal a TV!. That will show them!”. What exactly are these people trying to declare or prove by doing such foolish things?

Is the message “We are in fact animals and deserve to be tazed and shot?”. It has gotten to the point where it is easy to predict. A racial minority is indeed getting a bad wrap, which sometimes results in their death. That is no secret. However, why are we no longer surprised at what is coming next?

It shouldn’t in my opinion be a logical conclusion that when “Justice” isn’t so called “served” that riots will happen and people will destroy their own communities. I cannot find anysingle logical reason why ANYONE would do that for any reason?


Can anyone use logic and reason and explain to me how it makes any sense at all to explain why destroying your own small businesses and communities is the solution to police over reach and crime?

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