10 Dads Who Are Doing Fatherhood Correctly

[tps_header]What makes a good dad? Well, an endless supply of dad jokes helps. And you’ll definitely need some good dad lectures, too, like “why you can’t stay out after curfew” and “why you shouldn’t lie about feeding the dog a whole rack of bacon”. But what makes a really, really great dad is simple: being there, no matter how tough it gets, how silly you end up looking, or how much strangers may laugh. A good dad knows that playtime is as serious as anything else, and considers it an honor to dress up for teatime or don a cape to play superhero. Take a tip from these 10 dads who are doing their job perfectly:[/tps_header]

1. The Dad/Tea Party Host

#NAME 10 Dads Who Are Doing Fatherhood Correctly
Boys (and some girls!) might like to play rough, but when it comes to daddy-daughter time there’s nothing more precious than having a tea party. Make sure to keep those pinkies up and your manners on point! Mind your p’s and q’s and your daughter will too, when it comes time for her to be attending real parties.