10 Iconic Actresses Who Tragically Ended Their Lives

The lives of film, television, and stage actresses seem exciting but are not always easy. Failed relationships, deaths in the family, or health problems, in some cases, may drive them to an early grave—at their own hands. We have listed below 10 of the Iconic actreses who ended their lives. We’ll miss you all.

2. Lupe Velez

51 9 Lupe Velez 10 Iconic Actresses Who Tragically Ended Their Lives

One of the most famous Mexican actresses of all time, Lupe Velez was aptly called “The Hot Pepper” and “The Mexican Spitfire” throughout her fiery career. After moving to California from her country of origin, she went from being a chorus girl to starring in 1927’s The Gaucho all within one year.

Her career declined, however, after a brief absence from Hollywood, as she came back to find herself stereotyped, getting cast in B movies, and definitely not as hot to the public as before. Although she still got booked on Broadway and several acclaimed dramatic motion pictures, Velez found herself pregnant, unmarried, and struggling with relationship problems a few years later. In December 1944, she took an overdose of barbiturates and killed herself.

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