10 Weird Ways To Use Coca-Cola

[tps_header]Are you a soda addict? Chances are, you’ve heard plenty of people putting down products like Pepsi and Coke for being bad for people. And those detractors have a point: sugary sodas are full of bad-for-you nutrients, chemicals, and weird stuff we can’t pronounce. One way to wean yourself off the soda bottle is to learn about all the ways you can use Coke besides drinking it for a quick rush. After all, you wouldn’t chug a liter of rust remover, would you? Here are 10 weird uses for Coca-Cola:[/tps_header]

1. Try a New Recipe

#NAME 10 Weird Ways To Use Coca Cola
Coca-Cola can be added to some of your favorite dishes to give them an extra kick or some sugary goodness. Try a Coke-infused BBQ sauce, or marinate your next roast in a Coca-Cola glaze.