10 Weird Things You Can Actually Major In

[tps_header]Most people major in one of a few fields. You’ve got your liberal arts students in History or English or Philosophy, who tend to graduate with a lot of worries about their careers. There are business majors and accountants, who can be assured of a nice and well paid job as long you have some business agility. There’s the pre-med students, the pre-law students, the arts students who study music or mixed media to varying degrees of respect. And then there’s these folks, who’ve chosen to go off the beaten path and study something that calls to them, even if it’s not quite the norm. Here are 10 weird things that we can barely believe are actual majors:[/tps_header]

1. Bowling Management

#NAME 10 Weird Things You Can Actually Major In
The Dude would approve of this college program, for sure. If you’re a pin fanatic and can’t resist the shine of a freshly waxed lane, head to Vincennes University in Indiana to learn the ins and outs of managing your own bowling alley.