20 Bizarre Superstitious Beliefs

[tps_header]From what I read in the dictionary, Superstitions are illogical beliefs garnered from apprehension or the lack of awareness. In almost all parts of our everyday lives, superstitions, mostly without a concrete origin, are being practiced by some people. Certain superstitions may seem reasonable (Like not allowing someone to walk under a ladder) but the others are just way too absurd. For some people, their beliefs are just too strong that they’ll end up being controlled by these superstitions (Like avoiding cracks on the streets or floor). Truly, such intense beliefs can sometimes become unhealthy for an individual. Take a look at this list of 20 bizarre superstitions.[/tps_header]

 1. You will have a good luck all throughout the year if the first butterfly you see in the year is white.

#NAME 20 Bizarre Superstitious Beliefs