20 Jobs You Didn’t Know You Could Have

[tps_header]If you work hard, you deserve to live well. That’s the foundation of the American Dream. But there’s no requirements as to what sort of work you need to be doing. If the average, everyday, white collar 9-5 isn’t your thing, and you also don’t want to fix cars and toilets, you might need to look way, way, way, out of the box to find your perfect career. How about one of these 20 bizarre jobs?[/tps_header]

1. Potato Chip Inspector

20 real jobs you wont believe people do 8 20 Jobs You Didnt Know You Could Have
These highly trained individuals make sure that no bad potato chips make it into your bag – whether it’s looking for green chips, uncooked chips, or burned chips, we can thank the dutiful folks on the surveying line for making sure we get the most for our money.