20 Women Who Made History By Bending Gender Roles

Who says women are only for the kitchen and feeding babies? Women are certainly capable of bending gender roles. Throughout the time, some women had been defying these so called roles and are making history even if their statuses are kind of bleak and mostly, it focuses on household chores and keeping their men happy. Here are 20 of these women who made history by defying the roles allotted to them.    

3. Eleanor of Aquitane

Church of Fontevraud Abbey Eleanor of Aquitaine effigy 610x343 20 Women Who Made History By Bending Gender Roles

Eleanor of Aquitane was one of the most powerful persons in Europe during the High Middle Ages. Beyond being Queen of England (married to King Henry II), she was previously Queen of France (married to Louis VII) and had considerable influence on both countries during her reigns. Eleanor was even the acting head of state while her son English King Richard I went on the Third Crusade.

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