Handicapped yet so full of life. This kitten will definitely inspire you!!

Mercury, a cute little kitten, does not have its front legs and has only one toe on its left hind leg. But this condition does not dampen its spirit even one little bit. The owners of Mercury found it in this condition when it was 4 days old and took it to a vet for treatment.  According to them, Mercury was injured by a weed whacker.

Mercury can’t be given prosthetics as it requires atleast 40% of the limbs intact. Wheel harness is the only alternative left but that could only be given when Mercury stops growing. For  now, the little being has to live life like this only.


Mercury was found when he was just four days old and his eyes were still shut

Here’s how he looked – he was missing his two front legs and all but one toe on his left hind leg.