Are dogs smarter than humans?

Well, well, dogs can be smarter than humans. It just depends on what you mean by “smart”. Dogs will never be able to build computers, solve math problems or build the tallest building in the world, but they won’t mess things up like we do, they won’t destroy their environment, kill each other for pride and glory, won’t smoke, do drugs, be sad because they don’t have the biggest bone in the book, or depressed because they saw their Facebook friends travelling to Jamaica and Mexico. Are we going to far? Let’s just put it on paper!

5 reasons why dogs can be smarter than humans

1. Unconditional love

Dogs know what unconditional love is especially when they’re a puppy – basic puppy training for your pup can be provided in the link. They know what trust is and act accordingly. Your dog will never betray you for some stupid reason. Your dog is happy to see you, no matter what mood you’re in. They forgive you no matter what. Loving someone unconditionally is a “skill” that could save the world as we know it.

#NAME Are dogs smarter than humans?

2. Dogs drink water

What a dumb reason, right? Well, just how many of you drink water when they’re thirsty instead of soda, beer or any other types of juices? Have you drank water today? Most of us really forget to drink water and then wonder why we’re not feeling well.

3. Dogs accept and love themselves

Right. No big drama! You made a mistake? That’s it! Go with it! Don’t just despair. Dogs love themselves, accept themselves and are happy as they are. Learn from them!

4. Dogs don’t hold grudges

Grudge is something our mind creates and we are probably the only species who hold grudges and just how dangerous this behaviour can be…

5. Dogs live in the moment

This is right! Just don’t go and find stupid reasons why you can’t live in the moment. You can. You can enjoy the present, take each day as it comes and try to make something out of it. Dogs are always living in the moment. They are happy because they have something good to treat themselves with. They love Pet CBD treats and when their pillow is smooth and paws are warm. Do that! To get your dog trained so they are well behaved find more info here to know what to do.