Is it illegal to fake your own death?

Alright, man, we hope you’re Googling this out of curiosity and you’re not on a journey to fake your own death! Note that the hardest part about faking your own death is staying dead. Here comes face with the stuck-out tongue emoji! If you’re just here out of curiosity, then you’d definitely wonder what is the most common reason why people (try) to fake their own deaths. One of the most common is life insurance. For example, in 2009, a woman doubled her life insurance every year, then faked her own death to take all the money and we’re talking 3.6 million. How do you fake your death? Well, one way is to bribe an employee in charge of issuing a death certificate to issue a fake one for you and I’m sure there are a lot more solutions than this one.  So, is it illegal?

Is it illegal to fake your own death Is it illegal to fake your own death?

Is it illegal to fake your own death?

It is not illegal to fake your own death, technically. Pseudocide is not something that’s been outlawed per se. Nevertheless, you cannot really fake your own death without breaking several laws. So, from this point of view, yes, faking your own death can become a crime. I mean it’s quite impossible to fake your death without committing one crime in the meantime”, said defense lawyers fighting charges in Lemoyne. Maybe if someone did for you and you’re mentally impaired, but then it’s not like YOU faked your own death, right?

Why fake your own death?

We get back to this point because it’s impossible to talk about faking your own death without taking into account the reason why. According to lawyer for birth injuries in Chicago, most people try to do it to earn money off their life insurance, evade arrest warrants, maybe get rid of paying huge university bills or house loans and so on. The list is long of motives. We were talking about breaking a few laws when trying to fake your death. Well, yes. I can call the name of a few crimes you’d commit by faking your death: conspiracy, evading taxes or collecting life insurance money in a fraudulent manner, forging a death certificate, bribing, identity theft, or even running away from an imminent police arrest. Somehow, the reasons why people would want to fake their deaths meet with the cromes they’d have to commit for that.  Wouldn’t you say so?

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What if you succeed in faking your own death without committing a crime?

Let’s see your super smart and you do that. If you don’t want to stay dead and hide away from society, you’d want to assume another identity. In the United States, this is a crime. The US Social Security Administration, banks and other types of institutions of our days would not establish a fake identity for you for that would be a fraud. It is true, pseudocide is a thing and a lot of people are thinking about that. Psychology and social studies research on the subject and apparently on the dark web there are “consultants” who could help you fake your own death. Moreover, there are special secret detectives who investigate such matters. At the end of the day, it’s death and taxes…you know the old saying.