These 20 Adorable Cats Don’t Seem To Know Where To Sleep

[tps_header]Cats can be rude and bossy, or sweet and clingy, but most of the time, they’re weird and unpredictable. We often see our cats walking on the edges of thin bookshelves, swinging on chandeliers like Sia, or jumping out of the window for a sneaky escape. Those stuff were just “mild” levels of weirdness. Cats are the weirdest  whenever they decide where and how to sleep. These 20 adorable cats will tell you how lame you are for always sleeping on your bouncy, boring bed all night. It’s never wrong to learn from your pets sometimes.[/tps_header]

1. I only hope he isn’t one to toss and turn in his sleep.

#NAME These 20 Adorable Cats Dont Seem To Know Where To Sleep