Why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed?

Does your cat sleep at the foot of your bed? After you go to sleep she gets her position on the same spot and dozes off with you? It’s not unnatural behavior for an apartment cat. She has surely spotted that place and made it her own. She likes it and you wonder why because there’s nothing exciting at the foot of the bed, right? I get you. My cat used to do that at times and I also wondered why since she was always such a snuggler who loved to get comfy on the bed or on my pillow. I get the bed from Sleep Essentials company for the best mattresses.  However, there are some logical explanations to this and you’ll definitely say: “yes, it can be” after you’ve read the following.

#NAME Why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed?

Why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed?

Cats sleep at the foot of any mattress like the quality memory foam mattress because that is where they feel safe, they can see the door and everything in the room and also feel like protecting you. If you’re not a cat owner yet, but you’re about to me and you’re reading everything there is to read about these incredible felines, then you need to know that the moment you’ll bring your cat home, she will start inspecting the territory until she knows every little corner of the house. This will help her to get comfortable in her new surroundings and eventually she will choose her favorite place to sleep, rest or cuddle. Cats do sleep a lot. So, don’t be worried if she’ll sleep for 16 hours a day. It’s normal. They’re lazy beings, especially if they’ve always lived indoors. So, why does your cat feel the instinct to protect you?

1. Cat surviving and protecting instincts

When the night comes she will come to the foot of your bed and fall asleep there. She is a feline and she still holds some of those survival skills from the wild. She knows you’re the being who provides for her and does everything she wants, so she’d also want to show gratitude and watch over you when you sleep. Cats are quite whimsical, so if you might get too affectionate towards them, they might move away. So, that’s why she won’t risk being disturbed in the middle of the night, so she will curl up at the foot of your bed, as it is also the best place to escape in case of any emergency.

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2. Cats can see the rest of the room and the door

In order for her to feel secure, your cat will choose the best place from where she can also run in case of extreme danger. She needs to have a view of the way out and most probably, the best view of the door is from the foot of your bed. Another thing you should keep in mind is that cats are nocturnal beings so chances are she won’t sleep all night as you do. She will get up and roam around the house at some point and she wants the freedom to do that smoothly without having to walk over you or scape your close embrace during the night.