Why do cats like to sleep with their owners?

Cats can have some really erratic sleeping behaviors. You see them sleep all twisted and turned on the sofa or on your favorite chair or on your bed and they do that a lot; approximately 15 hours a day. Yep, that’s how much cats sleep on average a day. Sometimes they twitch and turn in their sleep like they’re dreaming of chasing a mouse, sometimes you try to wake them up and they just won’t do that. Sometimes, they get scared by a noise and jump right out of bed. In any case, cats are cute and most of the time they like to sleep with their owners. Why?

#NAME Why do cats like to sleep with their owners?

Why do cats like to sleep with their owners?

Cats like to sleep with their owners because they like to stay warm, your bed and is comfy and you make them feel safe. Usually, cats feel really vulnerable when sleeping and if they do not feel safe in the spot where they fall asleep, they’re always on guard for any danger that might come to them. Still, they know you can protect them and if anything happens, you can fight it together. Moreover, you’re their purrsonal heater; won’t trade that warm spot for anything in the world. And although cats sometimes fall asleep in the most unusual of places, your bed is definitely their favorite spot because it’s yours and you’re their favorite hooman, part of the pack, so to say.

It’s actually your cats’ bed, not yours!

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And if you cannot get used to the idea that cats sleep in your bed, then maybe you can get used to the idea that it’s their bed, actually. They’ve claimed it as their territory and would gladly share it with you if you promise to keep them warm and safe. There’s no need to make a big fuss of it because if your cat sleeps with you the most majority of the time, it means she loves you. If she likes to rest on top of you, on your chest, that’s a sign of her affection to you. Cats do enjoy cuddles, although sometimes they look like they’re going to kill you in an instant.

Should cats sleep with their owners?

In general, you make this decision. If you want to share your bed with your cat and enjoy the occasional cuddles and million hairs, then it’s your call. If you do not want this and like to keep your bed to yourself, then it’s still your call again. Nevertheless, I know people who can’t sleep if their cats are not curled up beside them. Besides, falling asleep to that purr is heavenly, don’t you think? Still, if your cat is a roamer at night and might want you to be as active as her and wake you up in the middle of the night to play or whoever knows why, then yes, you can leave her out of the bedroom for the safety of your sleep.

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Usually, cats sleep a lot during the day and during the night they roam around. Although they have fallen asleep with you, they would wake up and do their little night “rituals” no matter if that would mean waking you up. So, would you take that chance of sleeping with your cat?