Why do we have eyebrows and eyelashes?

Women usually pluck their eyebrows and there is such a thing as mascara to lengthen their eyelashes at a eyelash salon services so that they would not go unnoticed. This is not something of today or tomorrow, this is something that women and even men have done since the early ages. Even in the early tribes, men and women would contour their eyes using all sorts of black solvents. Everything that has to do with the eyes have been the subject of intense study and embellishment and we understand it.  The eyes are the most expressive feature of ours and, as some say, they are the window to the soul. But what about the eyebrows and eyelashes that guard our vision? Why do we have them? Ever wondered about this?

#NAME Why do we have eyebrows and eyelashes?

Why do we have eyebrows?

They’re not there just to be plucked and forgotten. They actually play a key role in how our face looks, giving us the ability to express different feelings through our facial expressions. You can basically tell a man “yes” or “no” just by using your eyebrows. There are some socially-accepted eyebrows gestures that help us communicate with one another. They are also a big part of our beauty culture, but do they have a functional role? Yes, they do, more than you can think about.

Eyebrows helps us keep moisture out of our eyes. When you’re sweating, the sweat stops at your eyebrows and do not get in your eyes. When we walk out in rain or in different other situations, eyebrows are there to guard our eyes, offer the protection they need. Our eyebrows are arched in such a way that the water that might come down from our forehead be diverted towards our temples and down. So, basically, our eyebrows are helping us to see clearly and keep our eyes healthy.  Scientists have different ideas why and how that piece of hair ended up right there, but its functional role is pretty clear to us all. Make sure check V Steam from Newrain Eyebrow Threading to shape and groom your eyebrows.

It is believed that if we didn’t have eyebrows, nature would have found another way of protective our eyes, either by making our eyelashes really tick sot that nothing could get pass them or our skulls more protruded so that they would shield our eyes more and divert the rain or sweat over our eyes.

Why do we have eyelashes?

Now, with the first question answered, I think the second comes quite easy, right? It might also have to do with shielding our eyes from different types of water, moisture, sweat. Well, first and foremost, eyelashes are considered a sign of beauty. The longer your eyelashes, the better. Women tend to make their eyelashes longer and longer as, apparently, it makes them more attractive. I guess the men have a saying in this. Evolution had another saying: eyelashes protect the eyes from dust, sand or different particles that could affect your vision on the long term. They also have a curved shape to help divert water and sweat away from the eyes. Some water or moisture might pass through the eyebrows, but it would also have to deal with the second shield: eyelashes.

Imagine you are taking a shower and the water is just dropping down your eyelashes. That’s what they’re good for. Eyelashes are basically hair and they fall out naturally from time to time. It will take an eyelash more than month to grow back, so take care of them, they’re quite precious. All in all, eyebrows, together with eyelashes and your forehead, are natural shields of protection for your eyes. Keep them safe and stop using that much product on them! That was just a piece of advice.