Why does my cat lick my hand?

Yeah, cats usually do that. You lean down to pet them and they start to lick your hand and you feel that rough touch against the skin of your hand and you just don’t understand why? We’ve all been through there, us, all the cat owners. Some of us might have figured it out, don’t you think? Or at least, we asked around and got an answer…or a couple of them which you can find in this page. The first and most plausible reason why your cat licks your hand is to show you are her favorite human. It shows friendship, it makes the family bond stronger.

Does she come sit by your side and you start petting her? And then, after you pet her, she licks your hand? She’s trying to show you that she likes it and you should continue since you are best buddies.

#NAME Why does my cat lick my hand?

Your cat licks your hand to mark the territory

Yes, this might be another explanation, a more proper one if you’d like. Cats are felines, they have long distant ancestors who are still living in the wild, so this behavior might be a long-lost heritage. They are marking their territory, letting everyone know, especially other cats in the neighborhood, that you are taken, you are your cat’s own favourite human and no one should touch you. Other cats or even dogs might sense this when you would try to pet them and just shy away. Clever beings, these cats, don’t you think?

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Anyways, if your cat licks your hand is not a bad thing. It is actually a good sign that shows you have developed trust and a deeper understanding. Licking your hand is your cat’s way of showing affection in exchange for the princess-like life you offer her, don’t you think you deserve it? Licking your hand is also part of your cat’s kittenhood memories. In childhood, her mother would lick her in order to groom and keep her clean. This is her first memory of affection and it is ingrained in her that she has to show the same behavior towards those she feels are part of the family.

So, if your cat likes to lick your hand after you pet her is a good sign. You’ve got a strong bond and you are part of the bond! Now, take care of her and make sure she’s the happiest and most pampered cat in the whole universe, OK?

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