Why does my cat lick my earlobe?

Maybe you haven’t observed it, but cats do have very clean ears themselves. So, are they actually trying to take care of yours as well? This might have passed through your head when your cat was licking your earlobe.

#NAME Why does my cat lick my earlobe?

Why does my cat lick my earlobe?

The answer is a little bit more complex than that.

1. Cats groom

First and foremost, cats groom each other. They also snuggle or argue in a very specific way, but grooming is important because it means spreading a “community scent”. Their saliva contains a certain scent, which cats feel the need to spread from one another to give others the signal that they are a strong and unite pack.

2. Cats have a thing for ear wax

More than that, cats also clean each other out of respect and affection. The ears receive a fair share of their attention and it seems it is because they have a thing for ear wax. Some cats focus so much on their ears when grooming their heads that you could notice the very pinkish hue of their earlobes after an intense grooming session. So, making you part of the pack together with their gross attraction to ear wax is the reason why your cat just keeps licking your earlobes. She loves you, she wants you to be part of the pack and also, she really enjoys your ears’ wax.

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