Why does my cat lick my dog?

Usually, cats and dogs have a love& hate relationship. The cat is always the meanest and able of playing tricks on the dogs, while our puppy cute friends are just trying to be friendly and nice. At least this is the image that the Internet, movies and cartoons have pictured. You’re probably living in a house where your cat is actually licking your dog instead of being mean to him and you’re probably wondering where is all this coming from. Let’s see!

#NAME Why does my cat lick my dog?

5 Reasons why your cat licks your dog

  1. Your cat is a female and your dog is a little puppy or just very young. If this is the case, then the cat is feeling the need to play the mum and take care of the little puppy. So, this is a sign of motherly affection and it should only gladden you.
  2. Your dog is the newest family member? Then your cat might want to welcome him to the pack and she does that by grooming him. You’re in luck. That’s the beginning of a new friendship
  3. Making the dog part of the pack. It is the same with your cat licking YOUR hair. She wants to make sure the dog is part of her pack and she marks her territory by leaving her saliva scent into the dog’s fur. She’s marking the territory, if you wish.
  4. Pure affection! This is it! You’re a lucky pet owner. Your cat just loves your dog and she’s grooming him because he’s her favourite little peer.
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All in all, your cat licking your dog is not a bad sign at all. It is something you should really be happy about. It means they are getting along very well, they are pals and your family is happy. Grooming and affection is all that matters! Peace.