Why does my cat sit on me?

You’ve just come home from work and you want to relax on the bed or the sofa. You open a Coca Cola, take your TV remote, go on Netflix and plan to “vegetate” for a couple of hours? Well, your cat will immediately jump on you and ask to be snuggled and your hours of Netflix& Chill will turn into purr-filled cuddling. At times, she might squirm and twist and move into another position and you will have to sacrifice your comfort for hers because she is your master.  Yeah, sometimes we all cat owners feel like that. Nevertheless, you’ve got to know that your cat loves you in her quirky own way and that you’re her favourite human in the whole world. You do not trust me? Let’s look into this together!

#NAME Why does my cat sit on me?

Why does my cat sit on me?

Your cat sits on you because she seeks warmth, security, wants attention, wants to get social and show her affection towards you. Yes, she loves you. If you want to get more in detail with this, then let’s take each of these reasons and see more about them.

1. Your cat loves to feel the warmth of your body

Cats love to stay in warm places. That’s why you’ll see them dozing off in the circle that a ray of sunlight makes on the floor, sitting close to the heater or on you. Cats adore warm places and there’s also a scientific reason for this: cats have really sensitive receptors on their faces and that’s why they always seek out the heat. They like to “borrow” somebody’s heat rather than work to maintain their base temperature and since you’re really warm and have got that puffy, cozy sweater on you, they’ll hop on you and doze off in magnificent purrs.

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2. Your cat needs to feel secure

Security is one of the basic needs of any living being. Why would your cat make any exception? Whenever she wants to go to sleep, she will look for a warm, comfy and safe place. She does not want to always be on guard for dangerous predators and she knows that the safest place in the house is on you or near you, in bed, on the sofa, wherever you are resting, she will rest with you.

3. Your cat is an attention-seeker

Aren’t we all attention seekers all throughout our lives? Why wouldn’t our cats be? They see us every day doing something around the house and not really paying attention to them. They get jealous and start getting in front of you, trying to rub against a book you’re reading or a smartphone you’re drawn to. She’s trying to say: “Play with me! I am here! Do not ignore me, you hooman!”

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Moreover, cats really love the passive sounds that your body makes.  She can feel the natural scent of your body and she enjoys it. For her, it tells the tale of comfort and security.  The way you like to hear her purr, she likes to hear your heart pound on your chest and that’s why she mind climb all up on your chest and go to sleep right there. Yes, cats are really social beings.