10 Things Only Introverts Can Understand

[tps_header]We can’t all be Miley Cyrus. For some people, just waking up and leaving the house is something that takes mental energy and preparation. They’re not weird or sick, they’re just shy. Really, really shy. Shy people live in a much different world than extroverted people; in the shy person’s world, things like eye contact on the subway and asking librarians to help find a book are struggles on par with climbing Everest. Here are 10 things that only shy people will understand:[/tps_header]

1. Not Knowing What To Say When Asked “Why Are You So Shy?”

#NAME 10 Things Only Introverts Can Understand

Outgoing people don’t have to justify why they are outgoing, but shy people are constantly asked to explain why they’re shy.

Next time, just take a tip from Lady Gaga and say that you were born this way.