Do dogs dream about their owners?

There are a lot of specialists who claim that dogs actually dream in their sleep, much like us, humans do. It might actually be embedded in the very biology of a lot of other mammals, including, cats, rats, elephants, monkeys or shrews. They all experience REM, which is what happens about 90 minutes after you fall asleep. More than that, there are now scientists who think dogs actually dream of their owners.

A dog’s sleeping cycle includes almost the same patterns as in human dreaming, from the early levels of wakefulness, to rapid-eye-movement (REM sleep) to non-rapid-eye-movement stages. It’s all in there. One solid proof is that of dogs moving their legs during sleep, barking while sleeping or closing and opening their eyelids while they are in dream-land. You’ve probably caught them doing this in their sleep. All of these are solid reason to believe dogs actually experience REM sleep, which is where dreams happen.

#NAME Do dogs dream about their owners?

Dogs dream about their owners because they’re attached to them

Since they are very attached to humans, they live with humans, they are fed by humans and enjoy a life full of human touch, dogs become attached to their owner’s smell, face, gestures to that extent to which they even dream of them in their sleep. Just like men, dogs dream of what keeps them interested during the day and that is you. So, if you want to help your dog have beautiful dreams, you need to spend more time with him, make him feel love, entertained and he will just dream you are his guardian angel. You don’t need to believe us. It’s all in the researcher’s  book.

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Just give your dog a little more attention when he’s sleeping and you might be able to catch him dreaming. Most likely, he’s dreaming of you! Want to get a dog of your own? Visit sites like and see listings.