11 Fast ways to make money online easily


Do you know majority of the billionaires in the world are in the software/IT industry?

Making money on the internet is so damn easy, even a kid can do it (in fact, lots of kids are doing it already). The advancement of the internet has indeed open doors of opportunities for everyone. Whatever your skills and interests are, you can most likely find an online means of using your talent to make money and make a living online. There are a lot of options around. Just choose one that matches your skills and you’ll be good to go. With your talent and dedication, you can be amongst the many aspirants who made a huge success online. But there are easier ways to make money online fast, most of which are completely automated.

10 Fast ways to make money online easily

This list contains those 10 fast ways you can make money online easily, mostly automated.


1. Review websites & apps for easy cash (~$50 per simple appstore review, for real!)

#NAME 11 Fast ways to make money online easily

If you have time to mindlessly browse through social media, why not make money online quickly just by browsing and reviewing websites and applications? AppCoiner will let you do exactly that. It’s so damn easy, you get paid for just installing apps from your phone’s appstore and writing a review for it. The pay ranges from $15 to $120 and they always have 100s of apps for you to review all the time. So, this is by far the easiest way to earn a consistent side income each week.

Another website, UserTesting.com allows you to make website reviews that last an average of 20 minutes and instantly earn $10. You just have to assess websites and applications and give criticism on how it can further improve. Basically, you get paid $10 to speak your thoughts to enhance the user experience of a website.

2. Earn money on autopilot from your easy websites (everything automated! read below)



#NAME 11 Fast ways to make money online easily

It is so simple that even those unfamiliar with technology can have a shot. The system 5 Minutes Profit Sites does everything for you. Inside the platform, a website is created for you with 1 click and you start to see affiliate commissions rolling in in around 2 days from start. The best thing is that it pays a lot and the time you have to put in is next to nothing.  Seriously, go watch their small video!

If you want to go the manual way, many platforms offer building website with a setup that is simple and easy to understand. Creating a website can also help give you an avenue in sharing your interests and talents– making money with something you like doing does not seem like a hard thing to do. HostGator offers a whole lot in helping create and set up your website. They offer 24/7 help from experts, a money back guarantee, and site protection with free SSL certificate.

3. Get paid to test/play Video Games


#NAME 11 Fast ways to make money online easily

If you play a lot of video games, this is the right way for you to get paid doing what you love! Heck, even if you don’t play videos games, you still can make a lot of money from this because the companies also need laymen to test their games. This website (Click here) pays you some serious cash to try out new video games and give your feedback.  Not just that, it also sends you free consoles and latest video games for free so you can test it (and then it pays you on top of all that, for playing it). If you do really well, you get invited to video game expos all around the world (free vip tickets!). For instance, games like Fortnite have tournaments using fortnite hacks can also be used and people can make money online.


4. Get Paid for your Opinions

#NAME 11 Fast ways to make money online easily

You can get compensated with money or rewards just by answering surveys. Online surveys are always in need of people to answer quantitative forms. They also allow new product testing for user feedback. You can earn rewards or money from answering surveys, depending on the website you use. It is a great way to have additional income with minimal effort. When needed data is not easily attained, online surveys help in collecting data from a specific demographic or having a wider respondent reach. Companies offer money as a way to quickly fill the needed quota of respondents.

Join the following survey websites to start making money instantly:

My Surveys

Survey Junkie

Global Test Market


5. Get Paid To’ site


#NAME 11 Fast ways to make money online easily

These types of sites pay you to complete various activities in exchange for money or rewards compensation. Toluna offers a lot of activities that not only lets you earn but also learn from its diverse community of users with a variety of opinions. Other websites that offer ‘get paid to’ activities are Toluna and InboxDollars. These are some sites that offer activities mentioned in this article such as answering surveys, providing feedback to websites and applications, and watching videos to make money online fast. These sites have partner brands which help give a bigger reach.

6. Review music for money

#NAME 11 Fast ways to make money online easily

If you have a passion for music, then this way of making money quickly will surely pique your interest. You just have to  review musical acts such as that of individual artists and bands that are still on the rise or have not put their name out in the music industry yet.
Slicethepie allows you to make money to review music of upcoming artists and you can also get a commission of 10% when you give referrals to your friends with your unique referral code. The anonymous review you make will be sent directly to the artists themselves. With a minimum accumulation of $10, you can get your earnings through PayPal.

7. Get cashback when shopping

#NAME 11 Fast ways to make money online easily

Shopping establishments offer loyalty cards to accumulate points to use for rewards and discounts. This is similar to using websites that allow cash backs when you shop. Sites like TopCashback pay up to 105% commission paid to them for advertisements and give it as cashback to those who signed up. Quidco is partnered with over 4,500 brands and has 7 million users. SwagBucks offers cashbacks and also other activities to earn points such as answering surveys and watching videos, in which you can collect the rewards as gift cards or money through PayPal.

8. Online market trading

#NAME 11 Fast ways to make money online easily

Investing in the stock market may seem like a risky and complicated thing to dive into, but one website created the opportunity for any other person to do so. eToro makes the possibility of trading accessible while learning the ropes of investing in the stock market. It promotes responsible and safe trading among users. Although it may seem like an easy way to make money online, it still involves the risk of losing the money you have invested. It is also a good idea to get help from an online broker to know the basics beforehand. But on eToro, you can simply copy the trades of other pro users and profit instantly. To get started, click here and sign up.


9. Paid for searching the web

#NAME 11 Fast ways to make money online easily

Who knew that searching using search engines like Google and Yahoo! is one way to make money online? Qmee.com is a web browser extension that makes you earn cash rewards with no minimum amount for cashout. Earnings can easily be attained by hooking it up to your PayPal account. Even engaging in brands that you are interested in and referring Qmee to friends can help you reap some profit. Another interesting fact about Qmee is that you can donate the money you have earned to charity they have set up with  for Qmee donations.

10. No-risk matched betting

#NAME 11 Fast ways to make money online easily

Matched betting allows you to attain free bet offers from bookmakers. This method does not charge taxes, and it is completely legal, of course for other taxes purposes, you should also learn about the 1099-MISC tax as this is important for business. You “match” betting sites at a betting exchange. Just like its name, it provides no risk as you rely on free bet offers. Betting is considered as gambling, but this type will not leave you empty-handed. Mistakes can still happen despite its no-risk nature, but these can be avoided if you double-check your moves and steps. Understanding the process may take some time, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you will be able to reap great results.

11. Youtube videos

#NAME 11 Fast ways to make money online easily

One of the trends that are on the rise today is vlogging. It gives an avenue for people to video blog about their interests or hobbies. You can now make money online fast at the same time enjoy what you are doing. Youtube Partner Program allows you to make a profit for every 1,000 views your video gets.

The amount of money you make may also depends on the factors such as how much traffic your channel gets, the number of subscribers you have, and the reach of how viral your channel and videos get.