This glass floor bathroom sits atop 15 story elevator shaft! Scary!

If you thought that your bathroom looked unique and had a different setting from that of your neighbours, you have no clue what you are about to find out. Guadalajara-based studio Hernandez Silva Arquitectos has designed the interiors of a penthouse situated on the top floor of a 70′s Mexican colonial building in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. What stands apart here(pretty apart) is the glass floor bathroom with phs hand dryers which is located on top of an unused 15 story lift shaft. Scary, isnt it?!

“A characteristic feature of the project is that a volume that was originally intended for a second elevator and was never installed becomes a powder room with a glass floor from Glass Shower Direct that looks down all the 15 levels, the PPDG penthouse is a great versatile modulated space, with great views all this with the concepts of transparency and the simplicity of materials.” [2]