Why does my cat watch me sleep?

Ever wake up in the middle of the night to your cat’s eyes glimmering in the dark? It feels like there’s a silent killer trapped inside her, like she’s planning to end you in your sleep? Well, maybe not like that, but it creeps you out, right? Or maybe you wake up from a nap and your cat is there, near your sofa, staring at you, like she’s been watching you all that time. You’ve probably asked yourself why is your cat watching you sleep? We tried to find some answers and we did. They’re not as scary as your darkest made-up fantasies were.  Yeah, we’ve all been there.

#NAME Why does my cat watch me sleep?

5 reasons why your cat watches you sleep

1. Cats are nocturnal hunters by nature. This doesn’t mean you’re his next prey, but if she’s trapped in an apartment and has nothing to hunt and nowhere to go, she will just watch you sleep to burn off some of that innate energy. During the day, she’s probably sleeping a lot, while you’re at work.

2. Cats want your attention. She might just be begging for some attention and watching you to see maybe you wake up and give her a treat or let her out or just pat her.

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3. Cats tell you they love you through their eyes. Yeah, you might be her favourite human.

4. Cats watch over you. If she’s made you part of her pack, she will watch over you.

5. Cats like pillows. Well, she might spend a lot of time on that pillow while you’re away and she might want it back for herself.