Why does my cat sleep on my chest?

Let’s say your cat’s name is Frida. Frida knows your morning rituals and your night routine. She knows what time you wake up and when you go to sleep. In the evening, she watches you and sees you getting ready for bed, so she prepares herself for when she’ll curl up on your chest and purr herself to sleep. That’s one of her favourite spots where she feels safe, warm and happy. Yes, you make her happy and she feels like nothing bad can happen to her when she’s right there on your chest. Is this enough of a reason for her to sleep on your chest? Let’s explore all of them!

Why does my cat sleep on my chest?

#NAME Why does my cat sleep on my chest?

You’re the perfect source of warmth and comfort

Cats just love warmth. When the sun is up drawing circles on your bedroom floor, she is right there, in the middle of the biggest circle of light to warm herself. That’s why, when the sun is down and there is no other viable source of warmth in sight, she will just leap on your chest and start purring her way into sleep. Felines are always searching for the next comfy place to rest their paws. It’s not like they are tired or anything. They are just comfort lovers, sleeping about 16 hours per day and still not getting enough of it. You might have bought her some plush blankets and smooth cat beds, but nothing can compare to your chest covered in a few layers of fabric, right? Add a little bit of pampering (because no one can sleep with a cat near them without caressing her a little) and she is in heaven.

Moreover, you’re making her feel safe. There are no fierce predators in your bed, in the warmth of your blanket. You are the master of the house, you let people in and out and she knows that no dangerous creature will pass your approval to invade her castle. She secure, she is alright and sleep is the sweetest of all.

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She just adores you

Yes, no matter how hard it is to believe this, she actually loves you. Moreover, she adores you. She’s got her own whims and puts on a diva show from time to time, but the truth is you are the object of her adoration. Yes, you won’t believe us, but imagine Frida home, all by herself while you’re at work. She is trying to get comfy, but she’s always on the lookout for possible dangers coming her way. Then you arrive home and security is once again restored for her. The master of the house is back at it, giving her treats, pampering her, giving her attention. She no longer needs to think about her protection because she knows you will do it. This is where her adoration comes from, actually. Mostly from the feeling of security that you’re giving her.

You sound and smell good and you’re her favourite

A cat’s purr is really relaxing for us humans. Have you ever thought that our heartbeat and the smell of our body can also be very soothing for your cat? One reason why she curls up on your chest at night is also the constant rhythm of your heart and breath which are a real lullaby for her. Your smell is the smell of security and care and pampering, so she is quite in heaven close to your heart when she’s sleeping on your chest. More than anything, you are her favourite.Your feline friend is a territorial creature who marks her territory and favourite people as their own. If she chooses you, from your whole family, to sleep on YOUR chest, the she deeply trusts you and has marked you as her favourite human.

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