Why does my cat watch me shower?

Cats usually follow their owners in their daily activities. They like doing staring at you when you do various house activities, shower being one of their favourite. You’ve probably asked yourself why. Especially if you’re a lady and you tom cat is staring at you while you shower and won’t take no for an answer if you close the bathroom door during this simple activity. Yes, it can get a little awkward at the beginning, but you’re not alone, we’ve all been through this.

#NAME Why does my cat watch me shower?

Cats are really curious and they like routines

This is the answer, in a simplified manner. No kinky stuff, rest assured! Cats are quite curious beings, hence the “curiosity killed the cat” reference. They like to follow you around and try to understand your routine so they can learn to anticipate your actions and be part of them. They just want to know what happens around the house and you’re their center of attention. Something that you do daily, like a shower, is something your cat really loves. These feline goddesses really love routines and the bathroom has a special aura to it, especially because you tend to close the door when you go there. So, she wants to know what really happens when that flushing sound comes up, where that water is pouring from, why is it you’re doing with that teeth brush and, especially, why you’re doing it daily?

Apart from curiosity, cats really love to spend some alone time with you and showering is one of their favourite. So, you should just learn to enjoy it more!

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