12 Easy and Cheap Dorm Room Hacks

[tps_header]When the air starts turning crisp and the smell of new notebooks fills the air, it can only mean one thing: back to school! But, for some students, it’s not really “back” to school. It’s off to a new school! If you’re headed to your first semester in the dorms, or even if you’re going back for year two or three or four, you’re sure to face some new challenges. Not the least of these will be saving space in a dorm room, which is really a glorified closet. Really, don’t underestimate how small your dorm room will be. Luckily, tons of people have come before you, and they’ve figured out some ways to make dorm life a bit easier. Here are 12 dorm room hacks every college student should keep in mind:[/tps_header]

1. DIY Air Conditioning

#NAME 12 Easy and Cheap Dorm Room Hacks
A cool, damp towel hung over an open window can keep your dorm room cool when the temperature starts rising and they haven’t turned the A/C on. Don’t be afraid to say something, though, if the heat starts getting unbearable. You do have the right to speak up, and others will appreciate it!