Top 20 reigning queens of the world

Men are real superpowers of the world, but women are truly the ones who bestow superpowers to this world. The discussion has always been in air whether women are equally capable to men in every field. Well, the answer is implied in this list of 20 most powerful women in the world. Women cannot be summarized in a description.  Words are always scarce in defining them and the world salutes the power and spirit of these top 20 powerful women on the earth. 

2. Angela Merkel

the top 20 most powerful women in the world 20 Top 20 reigning queens of the world

It has been said that ever since the Euro zone was created, Germany was its captain. It is for this reason that Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Europe’s largest economy Germany, comes in the number 2 spot. She has handled many crises both at home and particularly abroad, including the current possible exit of Greece from the Eurozone.

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