Why do dogs eat cat poop?

It annoys us, it puzzles us, it’s just too much for us. Why would our canine friends eat cat poop, what’s so delicious about that and why are they happy doing it? Apparently is still something natural for dogs, something to do with their innate behaviour. They’re cute, they’re warm, they’re smart, we love them, but we just can’t get this. Let’s see! You know that dogs use to eat all kinds of poop and that’s disgusting. You’ve probably been with your dog to the vet to discuss this issue. Anyways, you couldn’t have noticed that your canine pal prefers mostly cat poop. Is it some kind of delicacy? Some fine food that we humans haven’t discovered yet? I doubt so.

#NAME Why do dogs eat cat poop?

A different type of cat food?!

Cat poop may very well taste like cat food for dogs and we know that they actually adore it. Well, they might miss out on our human kisses if they keep doing that, but they’ll be quite fine. Usually, eating poop is not harming for dogs, nor is it a sign that there is something wrong with them. Still, you should pay a visit to the vet to rule out some diseases that might cause poop eating and then you’re fine, he’s safe.  Still, you shall keep him under observation, because eating it in large quantities can increase the risk of catching some internal parasites from cat poop. Just keep an eye on him and if you see that he’s having difficulty pooping, or if the poop is not normal, just call the veterinarian.

3 main reasons for dogs eating cat poop

We’ve sorted out the 3 main reasons why your dog is always visiting the cat’s litter. Usually cats do not digest the food as strongly and thoroughly as other animals and dogs really find that appealing. With their strong sense of smell, dogs might even guess what the cat’s been eating for breakfast, because for them that poop is still food that hasn’t been digested correctly. Well, who can blame them if they feel the smell of some delicious stew that the feline has just sneaked out from the kitchen in the morning? They’re just eating second-hand food and humble beings as they are, they have no problem with it. Anyways, the three main reasons why your dog eats cat food can be:

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1. Battling nutritional deficiency

If your dog is constantly feeding on your cat’s poop, then he might have a vitamin deficiency in his system. You shall check his diet and see that he receives all the nutrients and vitamins that he needs. Never forget that a dog’s food needs to be high in fat, fiber and protein, with a plus of vitamin B! Is your dog getting all that he needs?

2. Delicious taste

Yes, cat poop is delicious for dogs. It’s not an acquired taste, it’s just what it is: sheer joy. How can you stand between a dog and his favourite meal?

3. Boredom

Yes, your dogs can also be bored and find no other pleasure than eating poop. It is also a way of getting your attention because he knows you don’t like it and will just act on it and that is fun for your dog.Exploring the litter box and then feasting on it is something that will give him a little extra excitement. So, just make sure you keep him entertained, go out with him, have a few runs, play some fetch and just enjoy yourselves. It will make both of you feel better, you dog owners out there! Keep the poop under control, but never freak out about it!

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