Dog eating poop remedy

For those of you dealing with your dogs’ taste for poop, this might serve as a salvation, almost. Let’s face it, it’s really gross to kiss your dog and even pamper him when you saw him feasting on your cat’s stool or even worse, some stranger animal’s poop from your yard. This is a behaviour that dogs usually inherit from their early ancestors who used to scavenge the woods for food and feces were part of their diet. There are also other theories about why he’s doing it, but we’re here to discuss how to prevent them from eating poop further on. You can also learn how to potty train an older chihuahua here.

First and foremost, your dog won’t eat poop if there is none around. He cannot go to the shop and buy some fresh “poopy bag”. So, just play the control freak who always likes things clean. Pick up after your dog on the spot! Just don’t give him the opportunity to smell that juicy piece of brown matter. Especially if you also have a cat or other animals, you need to always make sure there is no poop lying around the house. Litter boxes are the big enemy. Keep them out of your dog’s reach. He cannot see them around. The best way to resist temptation is to…have no temptation on sight, right?

#NAME Dog eating poop remedy

Keep your dog entertained and avoid punishment

Make sure your boy Max or Charlie or Buddy is always active, entertained, physically engaged in activities that keep him busy and happy. Just go out and have a little fetch time on your own, especially if your dog is a breed that needs a lot of exercising . Try to train him to answer to your commands, but don’t forget to have a good time, both of you! Ohh, and just don’t forget that it’s Christmas for him, as well. Buy him some toys to keep him busy and away from poopy temptations.

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Also, make sure you avoid punishing him. Punishment is not really effective on your dog. You just need to have a positive approach and positive behaviour towards him.

Keep an eye on his digestion and meals

He cannot be his own doctor, so you just have to make sure that his digestion is on point. Your dog can be attracted to cat poop because he is not absorbing much nutrients from his food and is looking for something extra to keep on top of his vitamin game. Just don’t forget about his meals which have to be varied and rich in proteins. Raw food will also help in preventing the poop eating situation because it contains some very important digestive enzymes which will help him absorb the nutrients he needs. If you cannot feed him raw food, make sure you add some digestive pills to his meals.

It is important that you go to the vet and have him run some tests. The whole eating poop situation can be caused by some deficiencies in your dog’s diet. If you find out he suffers from mineral deficiency or acid deficiency, you need to help his with some kelp or apple cider vinegar added to his food. Also, just make sure your dog’s stool doesn’t contain any parasites. That might sound like a disgusting thing to do, but not impossible if you want to keep your dog happy and away from cats’ litter boxes.

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Does it sound difficult? Not really, you just need to pay more attention to his behaviour, to his signs, just keep him happy, keep him part of the family and part of the daily activities. Always double-check with the vet. It’s easier than it sounds.